About Me

Old Yeller'd a few startups, sometimes teach students, often sarcastic

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    all the
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    Hours Of Netflix
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    Managing User Community of 100k+ Users
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    8 hrs
    a night

About Me

Hey folks, I worked in marketing and jack of all trades in startup for 5 years and am now looking for a new challenge in the KW area. I have worn many hats and pride myself on never saying "that isn't my job".

My Work

I wanted to take my abilities and work in marketing to the next level. I knew I needed to know how to interact with data, to develop and work with basic to intermediate levels of code, design, and development.

My Skills

  1. Digital Marketing 80%
  2. Branding and Strategy 60%
  3. Development and Code 60%
  4. User Experience and Community 90%
I have created marketing strategy, managed teams, helped design and develop new functions and features, and built a user community of 100k+. Now I am looking for a new challenge.