In A Year

Posted on July 29, 2018

I blame Ross Simmonds for this post. Congrats on the baby.

I am currently sitting in the living room of a really douche condo, listening to Denzel Curry. I just got off the phone with a family member I chat with quite a bit about life and business.

This week was both amazing and terrible, in one week I have had a lot of really positive events which all came after one of the worst depression relapses I have had in years.

This week has had me reflecting on how I got here, how well I am doing, and how much I have accomplished in one year.

When was the last time you thought about all the things you have accomplished this year?

Maybe you are now earning $200 a month from passive t-shirt sales?

Maybe you had a movie get into a festival?

Maybe you earned your first paycheck again after having been broke for a long time.

If you are everything like me, you keep looking forward to the challenges and never back at the wins, the stuff that you actually accomplished.

In a year I have:

  • Adopted a cat
  • Lost 20-30lbs (I only started counting at 230)
  • Entered a Masters
  • Made some great friends in the program, and helped them build things that they wanted to build.
  • Finished the graded portion of my masters with a 4.11GPA
  • Largely given up Facebook
  • Taken an amazing vacation
  • Lived totally independently for a full year
  • Joined an awesome support team at work
  • Built a role I really enjoy with a company that has looked after me
  • Traveled across the ocean for the first time
  • Finally, have a kitchen whiteboard
  • Bought an office decoration I wanted when I first started my career
  • Almost, maybe, sort of, have a bedtime
  • Cut down on stimulants
  • Relaxed a bit
  • Tied for first and then came second in a VC competition with some of the best schools in the world

That is all that comes to mind sitting here and writing, how many do you think you could come up with?

Maybe take 10-15 min and stop looking ahead and take an inventory of what you have been doing.

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