Millennial Pissed at Millennials

Posted on December 22, 2015

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We got lied to, now get over it!

We as a generation were lied to! We got told that a university degree would get us hired and that resumes were an amazing tool, we got told we were special and that we could do anything and we got a trophy just for participating. I get that this made some of us disillusioned when we got older and the BA that worked out for our parents didn’t do anything for us, and that no one emails us back when we apply for a job, that the skills we have should be recognized and we should get something for them. I also get that sometimes life was rough and that you wish the world was different but guess what? It isn’t!

A Game?!

I write this as a reaction to a short Facebook conversation I recently had with someone I knew years ago, he blamed the economy for why he couldn’t get a job and didn’t want to change or learn “tricks” to get hired by playing the “game” and rather than learn how to deal with the current system, wished that it would just change. At this point I just stopped the conversation as this is the kind of person that kind of needs to read my blog and rather than think these are tricks realize that these are really useful life skills and that maybe, just maybe, he should pull his head out of his ass. Yes I am aware of how critical that sounds but at this point we are a generation that is thought to be a bunch of entitled dreamers with degrees that can”t get us work and a chip on our shoulders and this is exactly what is causing that! I see this constantly in people in my generation, that rather than try we just decide to defame anyway that others get ahead, or rather than try something we just keep trying what we were taught only to fail and blame the system rather than the simple fact that we wouldn’t change.

The World Will Not Change

I get that it is frustrating and honestly can cause a feeling of impotence, you did what you were told and now can”t get any farther without either changing yourself or swallowing your pride and the longer you are unemployed the harder it is to get hired AND the more frustrated and bitter you will become. I would rather employers give each applicant a better chance, that resumes held more weight, and that the economy was in a better state but the world doesn’t change because I wish it would and if I am willing to sit and complain rather than take action then I am to blame for my own situation.

It Is Time To Get Practical


  1. Of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something.
  2. (of an idea, plan, or method) Likely to succeed or be effective in real circumstances; feasible.

This is something that I pride myself on being and even when its probably not what I 100% want to do (though I realize its much better for me). I have seen this a lot in my generation the feeling of entitlement because we have a masters degree, or simply because we want something and haven”t got it, we decide to analyse it to see how its not our fault, how we are correct and its the world that is wrong and doesn’t see how we are obviously the clear choice. Sometimes we are the obvious choice but that doesn’t mean that you don”t have to work for it! Get off your ass, fix whatever problem you have and get what you want.

So we all get it!

I come from a family that all has something wrong with them! My issue was and still on some levels is depression and anxiety and these issues made me do a lot of weird things. I dropped out of university, I moved across the country and lived in a closet (I am not even a little bit kidding it has no windows), I rarely left my apartment and I avoided everything if I could help it and at the end of all of that I realized just how much that sucked and how much of it was in my hands. I am not saying its easy or that it will be easy for anyone else but becoming practical and finding out how to fix your issues weather they are health, mental, skills, logic flaws, etc is in your hands and by accepting that you can get from where you are to where you want to be. I add this because when you are what some would call successful people always have the ability to doubt you because “you don”t know what effects them and should have sympathy” and trust me you will get that from me but you will also be expected to own your shit and get to work!


Annoyed by someone on FB

Write rant about entire generation

Blame generation for not adapting and feeling entitled and unwilling to change

admit depression and personal issues

talk about how taking control and learning to change gets you ahead

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