Turbo-Charge Your Follow Count While Lowering Your Workload

Posted on February 24, 2016

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to do any work and our accounts would just grow!

Well I am here to tell you that you need to work!

…but you might not need to work as hard as you are right now.

I have spent a lot of time balancing work and life as a student while working to grow the Hustle and Grind IG to 70K+ and being able to have it generate a decent profit. Hustle and Grind is a brand for the modern day hustler that I run with my partner Ross Simmonds. At anytime I need to be working on new products, crafting or publishing content, all while maintaining my grades and learning.

The result is that a lot of my workflows are optimized to reduce the level of work I need to do for each task.  I may only have 15 seconds to post an image to instagram when it is 2:30 pm on a Tuesday when I am in class or 10pm when I am working on blog posts. I worked to create a way to post as quickly as possible. Keep reading and learn how to reduce your effort and increase your output when it comes to instagram marketing.

Instagress For Automated Outreach

set-it-and-forget-it-387Instagress is an instagram bot that allows you to interact with other users content based on predefined settings such as hashtags used. Now this application is not 100% TOS friendly (AKA: Might violate the rules of Instagram) and you can lose your account for using it too much. That being said this is a very commonly used app and as long as you are not greedy and only use it on the slow to medium setting and stick to likes so that it does not raise any flags you should be fine using it.

This is the sort of thing that set and forget it,  slowly having it take actions on your behalf and build up your following via automated interaction. You are able to follow, unfollow, or comment as well as the standard like feature. For the most part the are more noticeable the action you automate the more risk. There is NOTHING worse than posting a comment that has nothing to do with or worse goes totally against the theme of an image simply because you auto commented based on a used hashtag.

Or worse you could get your account on IG’s shit list.

Now this isn’t a replacement for doing outreach yourself but when added to a little manual outreach it can take you to the next level with followers.

Latergramme For Bulk Content Creation

2016-02-10 21_29_04-Latergram.meIf you have read this or HG’s blog for awhile then you probably know that one of the apps that I love is Latergramme, this applications has saved me so much time by allowing me to focus on one goal, instagram content for the week.

By writing the majority of you content in bulk you can achieve:

  • A balanced content mix (motivation, blog promo, sales promo, education images all in correct ratio).
  • Space out your content for maximum coverage.
  • Focus on writing top notch content to go with your images.

Now don’t get me wrong, one of the things you want to make sure you do is put up other content through the week. The occasional post created on the fly, the random shots of you working, of company activity, can humanize your brand and move you beyond the ordinary. Scheduled content is meant to make these posts easier to do by giving you time to work.

Clipboard Manager and Hashtag Block

2016-02-10 20_41_31-Hustle & Grind (@hustlegrindco) • Instagram photos and videosOne of the smaller changes that we made at HG is that we no longer put hashtags in our posts, save for the occasional one that slips through because it is good for the posts context. The majority of our posts will get a hashtag block posted by us as the first comment.

Why do companies, us included, do this?

Well we want to make sure our images get seen but there is nothing worse than an image that takes a great image, great content, and then puts a big block of spammy looking hashtags block. People love finding your content if it is good but they hate when you try and get your content in front of them, you need to balance this.

After a few comments are made on a post they will be truncated and no one will even see the block that is getting you traffic as it will be hidden until they expand to read all comments.


2016-02-10 21_40_10-Clipper Plus with Sync - Android Apps on Google Play

To make this as easy as possible you may want to make 2-3 blocks and keep them in a clipboard manager, I use clipper+ for android. Most software of this type
keeps an ongoing record of the things you copy and paste but what you are looking for is a saved section or a snippets section.

This is an area where you can store commonly used blocks of text, in the HG clipper are links to our newsletter, blog posts we are promoting at that time, links to any and all products we are promoting and the hashtag blocks we use. This allows us to change links in bio, post hashtag blocks, etc all at a much faster rate as there is less having to go and find the links or remember them.

Start Optimizing Your Work

The point of these apps is small accumulated times savings.

Saving 5 seconds isn’t that great but saving 5 seconds thousands of times adds up to a lot of time saved and a lot less stress for you. If you are posting 5+ times a day, 7 days a week, with changing promotions then you NEED to start making sure that the methods you use are as optimal as they can be!

Hustle Smarter! Start using workflows like this to cut down on the time you spend doing the little stuff so you can focus on the big!

What do you do to hustle smarter? Is it a workflow like this, an application or program you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below or in the HG’s Instagram Marketing group!

If you are looking to save even more time while marketing on instagram you should go check out my article on creating 60+ images in under 60 seconds! If you liked this article do me a solid and share it with the share tools on the side of your screen! And feel free to join our IG marketing group.


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